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1. INTRO 2. RUN (TITLE) 3. Home alone 4. RUN(inst.) 5. Home alone(inst.)
- About “YOUTH”, the debut album of LUMINOUS

The first story “YOUTH” of the “LUMINOUS Series” is planned according to the LUMINOUS universe.

Luminous wants to be a “빛과 같은 벗” who represents and consoles the youth of this era living in the lonely and confused millennial generation.

The first story of the “LUMINOUS Series”, the debut album “YOUTH”, is about sharing the keywords “sympathy” and “comfort” with young people living in the same era with the theme of “Tough but Beautiful Youth”. It was completed by expressing hip-hop based R&B and pop music, and sharing “our story” through the lyrics.
The story is planned to lead to the third story through later albums.

About the Track List

INTRO - A hip-hop intro that shows the identity of LUMINOUS music through the powerful sound of the rhythm line and the heavy bass line leading to the title, “RUN”.
"LUMINOUS, We dem Boyz"

Run is a hip-hop song based on a synth bass with a theme that stands out from the beginning of the music.
The theme of the album “Tough but Beautiful Youth” is expressed with straightforward lyrics and powerful performances about the lives of wandering and confused youth of this era.

3. Home alone
Home alone is a song about the exhaustion and loneliness of young people who must go through the world alone. It is a balanced combination of Rock and Hip-Hop base.
Overall, the appealing vocals and the minor-like mood were combined to express sadness and loneliness more affectionately.

4. RUN(inst.)

5. Home alone(inst.)

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