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LUMINOUS 2nd MINI ALBUM [Between Darkness and Light (Self n Ego)] come…

Date : 2022.01.11


Hello this is LUMINOUS


We are having LUMINOUS 2nd MINI ALBUM [Between Darkness and Light (Self n Ego)] comeback showcase on January 19 (Wed), 2022.


For those who want to participate, please refer to the contents below.

LUMINOUS 2nd MINI ALBUM [Between Darkness and Light (Self n Ego)] comeback showcase


- Date : January 19 (Wed), 2022 7PM (KST)


-  Location : Nodeul Island Live House ( 445, Yangnyeong-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul)


-  Capacity : 70


-  Ticket booth open time :  5PM(KST)

-  Lobby open time : 6PM(KST)

-  Start entrance : 6:30 PM(KST)

* You can enter 10 minutes before the start of the performance, and you can never enter the time after that, so please attend on time.

(May be changed depending on the site situation.)


[ How to Participate ]

- Click on the LUMINOUS official fan cafe ( [Showcase application]

- Fill out the application form.


[ Application Period ]

- Application period : January 12, 2022 (Wed) 7PM(KST) ~ January 16, 2022 (Sun) 6PM(SKT)


[ Instructions on how to participate ]

* Registration in time for the application period for participation.

* If you don't fill out according to the form, you may not be considered a participant.

* If you submit the application before or after the application period, you will not be considered a participant.

* We do not allow duplicate applications (excluding), so please apply with one ID per person.

* Tickets will be sold one per person, so please refer to it and apply.

* On-site participation is not accepted.

* Please note that seats will be designated by on-site lottery for this event, and the order of application and admission will be different.

(Please note that if you are caught exchanging seat numbers with each other, you will be restricted from watching this performance and cannot be exchanged to avoid damage caused by COVID-19.)


※ Admission may be restricted if your ID card identification is different from what you fill out



※ COVID19 social distancing

In case of lowered the level – follow current guideline

In case of upper the level – strengthen the distance regulation

※ This event will be applied with vaccine pass under the COVID-19 special measures. On the day of the showcase, only those who have completed vaccination or submit PCR negative confirmation can enter, so please check, and participate.


※ Notice for checking the vaccine pass

When entering this performance, you will enter after checking the vaccine pass with your ID card at the site. Please bring your ID card with you and bring one of the items below.

1)    Certificate of completion of vaccination (within 180 days from 14 days after Janssen's 1st vaccination or 2nd vaccination for others)

* Those within 14 ~ 180 days of completion the 2nd vaccination : Naver, Kakao Talk, COOV app, PASS app, stickers attached to the back of ID card, or paper vaccination certificate are brought and submitted to the staff.

* Those whose validity expired 180 days after completion of the 2nd vaccination : Booster (additional) vaccination confirmation or PCR negative confirmation (test results within 48 hours of watching the performance) must be brought and submitted to the staff.

* Those who are vaccinated first or less than 14 days of the 2nd vaccination : PCR negative confirmation letter (test results within 48 hours of watching the performance) must be brought and submitted to the staff.

2) PCR negative confirmation (test result within 48 hours of watching the performance) : Bring the result text or supporting documents and submit them to the staff.

* Teenagers under the age of 18 must also bring the PCR test negative results.

Please note that you cannot enter if you do not bring or confirm‎ the above vaccination completion and PCR test negative confirmation.

※ This event will be operated in compliance with the COVID-19 guideline, and "seating apart" will be held due to the prolonged social distancing. We ask for your active cooperation in the operating rules. Failure to comply may result in an exit.

 Only KF94 masks can be worn at this event, and admission may be restricted if not worn.

※ Please be aware of the notice as it may cause disadvantages due to not checking the notice accurately. The performance organizer/host is not responsible for the disadvantages caused by not checking the notice.



# You can take pictures and videos at this concert hall, but please refrain using a tripod.

# When you receive the entrance bracelet, you can bring your ID or student card to verify your identity at the concert hall ticket booth and receive the ticket.

- Personal photo, real ID card with date of birth (ex. resident registration card, passport, student card, driver's license, etc.)

- If you don't bring it, you can't participate.

# You can't enter the concert hall without an entrance bracelet.

# It is operated on a designated seating system, and seat allocation varies depending on how you apply for the showcase and is assigned on the spot.

# Broadcast camera installation in the concert hall may cause restricted viewing seats.

# Please refrain from using glow-in-the-dark / luminous headbands and large placards in the concert hall as they interfere with other audiences' viewing of the performance.

# It is difficult to shout due to COVID-19, and please refrain from talking to each other as much as possible.

# All drinks and food are prohibited from being brought in and consumed within the venue.

# Please follow the guidance of the guide for smooth progress.

# In case of an emergency, please evacuate according to the instructions of the guide.

# Letters and gifts can be acceptable to staffs before entering, and no other time is allowed.

# Please understand that this event does not allow support activities.

# To prevent the spread of COVID-19, please disband without a meeting after the performance.

# We are not responsible for any disadvantages caused by not checking the notice.


Please check the precautions before participating in the showcase.

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